Live Streaming LED Ticker

What it is

We stream live data to your Alpha LED ticker. We have a large variety of data you can choose from. From standard news including headlines, weather, stocks and sports to social media integration with twitter.

Who needs one

Any business with a retail location that customers visit. Your customers will love reading the ticker while waiting in line. With our new social features they can even interact with the ticker via twitter.

How it works

First you need one of our custom feeder boxes. The feeder will connect to any Alpha LED ticker. It also needs to connect to the internet via an ethernet connection. Once your feeder is connected your ticker is ready to go. Configure your feeds via our webpage or use our API to control your feeds with your own software.

Our service feeds your ticker with all the traditional current events. You can choose from a wide variety of news headlines. For weather we will give current conditions and forecast data for your local area. Stocks allow you to create your own portfolio of symbols to watch. Our sports feeds have live scores for NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA games.
Our twitter integration has many uses. You can follow your own twitter account or any other twitter user. Some like to follow users such as @BreakingNews or @cnnbrk which constantly tweet news headlines. Our hashtag feature will feed your ticker with tweets matching a hashtag of your choice. You can let customers tweet to your hashtag and display their tweets live on your ticker.
We offer plenty of other data options. We have trivia questions which rotate each hour. You can set custom messages to communicate sales or promotions. We offer an internet trends feed which displays Google and Twitter trending terms. We are constantly adding new feeds as well!
Our new API allows you to write custom software to access your ticker's configuration and dynamically change every setting.